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501technet, a program of Tulsa Community Foundation, is increasing the organizational capacity of Tulsa area nonprofits.

Nonprofit leaders and staff are most effective when singularly focused on their missions and empowered by, rather than distracted by, the technology meant to serve their organizations. Nonprofits are as dependent on technology as their for-profit counterparts, yet they invest in technology at less than half the rate. This lack of investment in technology inevitably creates a drag on capacity and the nonprofits ability to serve.

501technet, through the generosity of our donors, stimulates nonprofit investment in technology by offering support services at 25% – 50% of their market cost. 501technet supplements its direct services with products and services made available through volume based purchasing agreements with our strategic partners.

501technet is partnering with Tulsa area nonprofits, financial and in kind supporters, and strategic partners to increase our community’s capacity to serve those most in need.


Contact Information

For more information, please visit us at www.501technet.org.