Central Region Cox Cares Employee Relief Program

The Cox Cares Employee Relief Program is designed to provide short-term financial assistance to Cox Central Region employees experiencing severe financial need due to unexpected and unavoidable emergencies. The program is managed by Tulsa Community Foundation (TCF) for all Cox Central Region employees (Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma City, Omaha-Council Bluffs, Tulsa and Sun Valley).

When Does Cox Cares Help?


  • Home Catastrophe/Natural Disaster – Amount of grant: Up to $2,000
    Disaster grants assist after an employee’s residence is rendered unlivable by an emergency event.
  • Funeral expense for immediate family – Amount of grant: Up to $1,000
    Assistance can be provided for the funeral of an employee or for the funeral of an employee’s immediate family member.*
  • Emergency travel to immediate family – Amount of grant: Up to $1,000
    Grants can help when employee travel is necessary to aid an employee’s immediate family member.*
  • Military deployment – Amount of grant: Up to $1,000
    Aid is available when an employee or their spouse/partner has been deployed on active duty.
  • Medical emergency – Amount of grant: Up to $1,000
    Funds are available to assist employees or those living within the employee’s household during unexpected medical emergencies.
  • Personal Emergency – Amount of Grant: Up to $1,000
    Funds are available to assist employees or those living within the employee’s household during unexpected personal emergencies. Various unexpected, unavoidable crisis events can be funded. Examples include spouse/partner’s loss of employment, flight from domestic violence, emergency home repair or unexpected vehicle repair.

*An employee’s immediate family is defined as spouse/partner, brother/sister, children, step-children, grandchildren, parents, step-parents, grandparents, in-laws (mother/father-in-law, son/daughter-in-law).

For more information on examples of expenses that will NOT be considered for funding, click here.


Am I Eligible?
  • Applicants must be a Central Region Cox employee at the time of the emergency and application.
  • Applicants must use all available resources such as medical/life insurance, paid time off (PTO), short/long term disability, personal savings, assistance from family members, etc. before submitting a Cox Cares application.
  • Applicants must submit documentation of the emergency event that has caused financial hardship (i.e. police report), as well as documentation of the financial hardship (i.e. paystubs and delinquent bills).
  • Applicants may receive a maximum of one grant per incident with a maximum of two total grants per calendar year.


Next Steps
  • Fill out the online application. Detailed instructions are included in the application.
  • Documentation is required to demonstrate that the emergency event was unexpected and unavoidable and resulted in severe financial hardship. Such documentation may be uploaded within the online application or sent later via email or fax. Applications will not be processed for review until all documentation is received.
    • Gather any documentation you have available related to the emergency event or incident that caused financial hardship. For more information about required documentation, click here.
    • Prepare copies of the bills for which you are requesting assistance. If your grant is approved, TCF issues a check(s) made payable to the vendor requesting payment (i.e., landlord, utility company, contractor, etc.) To ensure financial accountability, checks are not made payable directly to the employee requesting assistance.
  • Upon submission, TCF will confirm receipt of your application via email. TCF will reach out to you directly if they require any additional information or documentation in order to process your request.


The Decision Making Process
  • Cox is never involved in funding decisions.
    • The Cox Cares Employee Relief Program is not a component of an employee’s benefit package, and no employee is guaranteed funding from Cox Cares.
    • An employee’s Cox Charities donor status is never taken into consideration during the decision making process.
    • Applicants and their information are guaranteed to remain anonymous from all employees at Cox unless the applicant willingly shares their experience with Cox employees. (Employment is verified with a confidential contact in HR.)
  • TCF’s Review Committee approves or denies funding based on the information submitted in the application and the availability of supporting documentation.
    • Once your application has been received, TCF will request any missing documentation within two business days.
    • If your needs require immediate attention (24 hours), please contact Tulsa Community Foundation at (918)591-2427 or emergency@tulsacf.org.
    • Once all sufficient documentation has been received, TCF will respond with an email notification of approval or denial. If circumstances are pressing, feel free to call TCF for a status update, (918) 591-2427.
    • IRS guidelines prohibit requests outside of program eligibility from being funded.
    • While all emergencies and financial hardships are unfortunate, if ineligible, TCF will refer applicants to other resources within their community to assist.


Questions? Please contact Tulsa Community Foundation at (918) 591-2427 or emergency@tulsacf.org.

Applying for Help


Detailed instructions to apply for assistance are included in the online application form.



If your needs require immediate action (24 hours), please submit the online form, then contact Tulsa Community Foundation:(918) 591-2427 or emergency@tulsacf.org


For additional information, please contact emergency@tulsacf.org.
Phone: 918-591-2427
Fax: 918-856-3537