Donor Advised Funds

David and Carol Adelson Family Foundation Fund
James and Susannah Adelson Family Foundation Fund
JA_PolaroidRobert and Marta Adelson Family Foundation Fund
Thomas and Julie Adelson Family Foundation Fund
Adelson Family Foundation Fund
Allen Family Foundation Fund
Anderson Family Foundation Fund
Alan and Shelly Armstrong Fund
Herman Samuel Aubrey Fund
Awareness Endeavor Fund
Monica Basu Charitable Fund
Beattie Family Fund
Bekah’s Helping Paw Fund
Jack and Linda Bell Education Fund
Dick and Celeste Siegfried Bendel Charitable Fund
Bender Family Charitable Fund
Steven Berlin Family Fund
Vera Berlin Fund
James Bertelsmeyer Family Foundation Fund
Bezalal Fund
Walter E. and Dorothy Biery Charitable Fund
Block Family Fund for Charitable Giving
Brannin Family Fund
Boylan Family Foundation Fund
Gary L. and Nancy A. Bracken Charitable Endowment Fund
Joseph E. and Patricia D. Cappy Fund
Cardin Family Tzedaka Fund
Cardinal Family Fund
Carter Family Fund
Laura Chalus Charitable Fund
Chanel Charitable Fund
Emil and Patricia Childers Foundation Fund
Sarah J. Clark Memorial Fund
Gail E.S. Cobb Charitable Fund
Haley R. Cobb Charitable Fund
Mitchell L. Cobb Charitable Fund
Steve L. Cobb Charitable Fund
Craft Family Foundation Fund
Mark and Lisa Dalton Fund
Barry and Karen Davis Family Charitable Fund
Lee H. Davis Family Charitable Fund
Mark and Janie Davis Charitable Fund
Timothy S. Davis Family Fund
Davis Family Fund
DeKraai Family Fund
Dodson Family Fund
Dolinsky Family Fund
Nanu and Frederic Dorwart Fund
Dunkin Family Charitable Fund
East Family Foundation Fund
Bill and Diane Elliott Foundation Fund
Robert and Esther Endres Charitable Fund
Greg and Connie Entwistle Charitable Gift Fund
Figlewski Family Giving Fund
Kenneth and Patricia Fike Charitable Fund
The David Foster Family Fund
Brandon Michael Fraire Memorial Fund
Frank Family Foundation Fund
Patrick V. and Estella M. Franken Fund
Opera_PolaroidJim and Jeri Freeman Family Fund
Phil and Jana Frohlich Fund
Fund for the Future
J. and M. Gaberino Family Charitable Fund
GBK Family Fund
Geffen Family Charitable Foundation Fund
Gentry Family Charitable Gift Fund
Jeff and Marcy Gettys Charitable Fund
Global Charitable Fund
Hall Family Philanthropic Fund
Hand Lindale Library Fund
Donna and Wendell Hand, Jr. Lindale Library Fund
Have A Great Day Fund
Diane and Dennis Hayes Charitable Fund
Gerald and Sharon Heller Family Fund
Hans and Lea Helmerich Family Charitable Foundation Fund
Hopeman Family Philanthropic Fund
Hughes Family Charitable Fund
Hurtle Family Philanthropic Fund
Hustle for Hunger Fund
Stephen E. and Shelley S. Jackson Family Foundation Fund
Ron and Myra Jeffris Fund
David and Susan Johnson Family Fund
JVR Fund
Kach Family Charitable Fund
Betty E. and George B. Kaiser Foundation Fund
Betty Kaiser Memorial Fund
Emily Kaiser and Gene Bulmash Donor Advised Fund
George B. Kaiser Family Fund
George Kaiser Family Foundation Fund
Herman George Kaiser Fund
Myra Block Kaiser Fund for Craft Arts
Kendall-Whittier Neighborhood Needs Fund
Clark and Dorothy King Charitable Fund
Tom and Julie Kivisto Fund
Kneale Family Fund
Deena J. Kutcher Memorial Fund
David and Tracy Kyle Fund
Jeanne M. and Robert J. LaFortune Fund
Alexander Lakin Charitable Fund
Phil and Adriane Lakin Fund
Phil and Jan Lakin Charitable Fund
Caron and Shawn Lawhorn Family Fund
Lay Family Foundation Fund
Adam and Hayli Leavitt Family Fund
Iron_Gate_PolaroidJohn E. Leland Fund
Ken and Janet Levit Family Fund
Levit Family Charitable Fund
Sidney W. and Mary Lieberman Fund
Linn Family Charitable Fund
Jack Andrew Lollar Fund for Children
Kristin M. Lowe Fund
Stan and Marcia Lybarger Fund
M and M Foundation Fund
The Magill Family Foundation Fund
John and Lee Major Fund
Kyle Mangels Family Fund
Wilma Mankiller Foundation Fund
Lowell Marchant Fund
Greg and Lindsay Marler Charitable Fund
The Paul W. and Lilah B. Marshall Fund
Paula Marshall Fund
Douglas and Heather May Family Fund
Joseph L. and Nancy N. McDonald Fund
Mellott Family Foundation Fund
Metro Tulsa Auto Dealer Charitable Foundation Fund
Don and Donna Millican Fund
Marshall E. and Anna L. Milligan Fund
Mittapalli Donor Advised Fund
Mike and Leslie Moore Charitable Fund
Elizabeth B. Mulford Fund
Vincent and Rosamond “Posy” Mulford Fund
FW Murphy Family Fund
Annette and Kevin Murray Family Fund
Dennis Row Neill Charitable Fund
Renee F. Neuwald Foundation Fund
Dr. Sara Newell and Dr. David Cone Fund
Newman Family Foundation Fund
Michael and Cynthia Noland Charitable Trust
R. Kelly Norman Memorial Fund
O-Tho-Ka Fund
Tom and Kathryn Owens Family Fund
The Oxley Foundation Fund
Jim and Sharon Parker Family Fund
Joe Parker Fund
Benjamin S. Patrick Pastoral Care Fund
Pediatric Healthcare Fund
Phi-Le-Em Fund
Mona Pittenger Giving Fund
Mike and Jean Quinn Family Foundation Fund
Goodwill_PolaroidCraig L. and Christine Rainey Charitable Fund
Reiners Charitable Family Fund
Edwin, Yvonne, Dennis, and Phillip Richards Fund
Richie’s Spirit Foundation Fund
Bonnie and Martin Rinehart Family Fund
Bernard and Marcy Robinowitz Family Fund
Sol Robinowitz Family Fund
Robinson Family Fund
Francis and Kathleen Rooney Fund
Rover’s Rescue Foundation Fund
Sallinger Family Fund
Edwin and Phoebe Schermerhorn Fund
Schlafke Family Fund
Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation Fund
Joseph R. Schulte Charitable Fund
Virginia C. Schulte Fund
Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation Fund
Sears Family Charitable Giving Fund
Serendipity Fund
Tom and Stephanie Seymour Donor Advised Fund
Mohammed Osman Sheikh Foundation Fund
Rex and Dianne Shelton Family Fund
Eric Sherburn and Leigh Ann Moss Charitable Fund
Sigma Pi Phi Community Investment Fund
Richard and Norma Small Charitable Fund
Randall and Beth Snapp Family Foundation Fund
David Cornelius Sneed Charitable Endowment Fund
Thomas Montgomery Sneed Charitable Endowment Fund
John Hunt and Elizabeth Sneed Sparks Charitable Endowment Fund
Spirit Network Fund
Stava Family Fund
Frederic and Linda Stearns Foundation Fund
Stephenson Family Foundation Fund
David H. and Kathy J. Stevens Family Fund
Bruce and Linda Stoesser Charitable Fund
Stovall Fund
Stump Family Foundation Fund
Ann and Wellford Tabor FCF Fund
Holly Tevebaugh Fund
Thomas Family Charitable Fund
Alexandra A. Thomas Charitable Fund
Jill and Robert Thomas Charitable Fund
Olivia J. Thomas Charitable Fund
William F. and Susan W. Thomas Charitable Fund
William Robert Thomas Charitable Fund
Jim and Carol Thompson Fund
Frank and Tonya Tomecek Family Fund
Tulsa County Juvenile Trust Authority Fund
Urban Angels Fund
Annie and Jeff Van Hanken Fund
Russ and Donna Vanderslice Charitable Fund
VOA_PolaroidWaldo Family Foundation Fund
Warburton Family Foundation Fund
Gerald E. and Sabrina Ware Designated Fund
Burl and Nita Watson Fund
Byron S. Watson Fund
Charles and Marion Weber Foundation Fund
Welch Family Donor Advised Fund
Wells Family Charitable Fund
Beth and David White Family Foundation Fund
Whitmire Family Fund
Jeremy and Andrea Wilson Fund
Ruth A. Wilson Fund
Julie and John Wolfkill Family Fund
Emily and Phil Wood Fund
Wood River Fund
YP Tulsa Fund
Neal and Christy Zahn Family Fund
Anne and Henry Zarrow Family Fund
Henry Zarrow Fund
Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Fund
Zimmerman Family Fund

Corporate Donor Advised Funds

Bama Companies Fund
Bama Reserve Fund
BOK Center Foundation Fund
BOKF Foundation Fund
CFR Education Foundation Fund
CITGO Foundation Fund
Cox Connects Foundation Fund
Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group Fund
Dollar Thrifty Neighbors Together for Schools
David H. Elliot Company Fund
GuRuStu Foundation Fund
Hearts at Work Fund
Helmerich and Payne Fund
Langdon Publishing Fund
Nadel and Gussman Energy Fund
News on 6 Neighbors in Need Fund
ONEOK Foundation, Inc. Fund
Q Club of Tulsa Fund
QuikTrip Corporation Fund
Samson Fund
SemGroup Foundation Fund
Southwood Landscape and Nursery Co., Inc. Fund
TRC Partners in Education Fund
Tulsa Convention Center Foundation Fund
Tulsa Drillers Foundation Fund
Verizon Community Relations Fund
Warburton Capital Management Fund
Williams Companies Fund

Designated Funds

1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Fund
31st and Utica Island Beautification Fund
A Way Home for Tulsa Fund
Across the Generations Fund
Actors Company of Tulsa Fund
Mary Alice Ahlgren Family Fund
All Saints Anglican Cemetery Fund
AMC Cares Charitable Fund
Arkansas River Charitable Projects Fund
Arts and Preservation in the Osage Fund
Arts Ranch, Inc. Fund
Babbit – Tulsa Ballet Fund
Restore_Hope_PolaroidBarthelmes Trust Endowment Fund for the Tulsa Philharmonic Society, Inc.
Barthelmes Trust Endowment Fund for the Tulsa Youth Symphony
Bedlam Run Fund
Before They Die Epilogue Fund
Before They Die Racial Reconciliation Fund
BeGreen Fund
Billings Family Giving Fund
Shelagh Bowman-Edmundson Designated Fund
Brady Craft Alliance Fund
Brookside Beautification Fund
James M. Brown Donor Designated Fund
Brown Family Giving Fund
Burkett Family Foundation Fund
Busby Family Foundation Fund
Stephanie A. Carver Donor Designated Fund
Child Protection Coalition Fund
Chouteau Elementary School Discretionary Fund
City of Tulsa Animal Welfare Facility Fund
City of Tulsa Chief Technology Officer Salary Support Fund
City of Tulsa Horses Fund
Rosalind Cook Artistic Encouragement Award Fund
Maurell Creekmore Designated Fund
Richard and Kay Davis Family Designated Fund
Disaster Relief Fund
EDC Downtown Housing Fund
Allen Broderick Edmundson Donor Designated Fund
Shelagh Bowman Edmundson Donor Designated Fund
Educare OKC Fund
Energy Libraries Online Fund
Eugene Field Elementary School Fund
Eye Concerns Fund
Herman and Tillie Feldman Giving Fund
Folds of Honor Foundation – QuikTrip Corporation Scholarship Fund
Food and Rental Assistance Fund
The David Foster Family Endowment Benefiting the First Tee of Tulsa Honoring Parker Foster
French Ambassadors Fund
Friends for Folks Fund
Barbara Fullerton Finch Charitable Fund
Fund for Teachers Fund
Fund for the Future
Funders Roundtable Fund
Get Fit Tulsa Fund
Greater Sperry Community Council Fund
Greater Tulsa Fund
Eric and Elizabeth Green Family Fund
Griggs’ Family Giving Fund
Have a Great Day Designated Fund
Health Care Fund
Herron Foundation Fund
HOPE Foundation for Children with Autism and Other Related Disorders Fund
Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund
Incarcerated Women’s Project Fund
Incarcerated Women’s Project II Fund
Institute for Oklahoma Nursing Education Fund
Day_Center_PolaroidIsaacson-Gross Giving Fund
Jacoby Family Giving Fund
Ronald and Myra Jeffris Designated Fund
Ben “Son” Johnson Memorial Gateway Fund
David R. Kelly Donor Designated Fund
Kendall-Whittier Neighborhood Inspector Fund
Keys4Cabs Fund
Kruizin’ for Kids Fund
Lauren Elise Memorial Foundation Fund
Lemonade Day Tulsa Fund
Levit Prizes and/or Awards for Excellence in Music Fund
Levit Prizes for Excellence in the Arts Designated Fund
Elmer R. Livingston Donor Designated Fund
Lovetts Gallery Foundation for the Arts Fund
Maple Ridge Neighborhood Park Endowment Fund
Maple Ridge Tree Fund
Mayor’s Green Team Project Fund
McCurtain Community Fund
Mark E. and Connie S. McFarland Fund
Mary Ellen Miliam Meredith Fund
Midland Valley Trail Fund
Million Reasons Why Builders Fund
MVP Foundation Fund
National Energy Policy Fund
Neighborhood Kitchens Project Fund
North Regional Health and Wellness Center Fund
Oklahoma Foundation for the Music Industry Fund
Oklahoma Health Institute Fund
Oklahoma Salute to the Vietnam Veteran Fund
OKPOP Administrative Fund
Osage Community Events Fund
Osage County Sports Park Fund
OSUMC Trust – Indigent Care Vouchers and Insure Tulsa Charitable Fund
Owen – Benfield Family Giving Fund
Park Friends Biscuit Acres Fund
Park Friends Camp Fund
Park Friends Chandler Park Fund
Park Friends Chandler Park Partners Fund
Park Friends City of Tulsa Parks Interest and Miscellaneous Fund
Park Friends Community Forestry Partners Fund
Park Friends Cousin’s Park Fund
Park Friends Directors Discretionary Fund
Park Friends Dog Parks Fund
Park Friends Haikey Creek Park Fund
Park Friends Helmerich Park Development Fund
Park Friends Johnson Park Lacrosse Fund
Park Friends Lacy Park Fund
Park Friends LaFortune Park Fund
Park Friends LaFortune Tennis Fund
Park Friends Mapco Fountain – Veterans Park Fund
Park Friends Mohawk Soccer Complex Fund
Park Friends Newblock Sculpture Park Fund
Park Friends O’Brien Golf Advisory Fund
Park Friends Oklahoma Senior Olympics Fund
Park Friends Park General Fund
Park Friends Performing Arts Fund
Park Friends Pools for Kids Fund
Park Friends Senior Citizens Center Fund
Park Friends Swan Lake Fountain Fund
Park Friends Swim Lessons and Pool Passes Fund
HOH_PolaroidPark Friends Tulsa County Parks Disc Golf Fund
Park Friends Tulsa County Parks Interest Account Fund
Park Friends Tulsa County Parks Special Events Fund
Park Friends Water Works Fund
Park Friends Westbank Park Fund
Park Friends Whiteside Gymnastics Fund
Park Friends Woodward Park Fund
Park Friends Woodward Park Rose Garden Fund
Park Friends Youth Sports Fund
Partnership for the Availability of School Supplies Fund
Pawhuska Library Special Needs Fund
Pawhuska Skate Park Fund
Planned Giving Partnership Fund
D.D. Porter Fund
PriCare Development Fund
Pricer Family Fund
Public Art Maintenance Fund
QT Educare Fund
Race to the Top Fund
RedFork Main Street Fund
Reed Family Giving Fund
ReGreen Tulsa Fund
Larry and Judy Reiners Charitable Fund
Donald W. Reynolds Counseling Services Fund
C.L. Richards Foundation Fund
Edwin T. and Yvonne Richards Family Fund
Rockford Drive Beautification Fund
Route 66 Alliance Fund
Steve and Karen Sanders Greater Good Fund
Edrich B. Sauer Donor Designated Fund
Helen Savage Family Fund
Save Catoosa Pre-K Fund
Save the Frisco Engine for Tulsa Fund
Shining Honor Project Fund
Alma Lee Shuman Revocable Trust Fund
Dan Stamper Memorial Fund
State Farm Central Zone Service Learning Fund
Step Up Tulsa! Fund
Street Light Replacement Fund
Summer Leadership Academy Fund
Hugh R. “Dick” Surber Memorial Fund
Take Control Initiative Fund
Margaretta Taylor Fund for American Rivers, The
MHAT_PolaroidThe Patriot Cup Fund
The RESSA Foundation’s Opioid Recovery Fund
Thunderbird Youth Academy Foundation Fund
Timmons Charitable Fund
TPS Superintendent’s Discretionary Fund
Transitional Living Centers of Oklahoma, Inc. Fund
Tuesday Morning Miracle Workers Fund
Tulsa + Fund
Tulsa 66ers Youth Education Fund
Tulsa Autism Foundation Fund
Tulsa Ballet Bradstreet Fund
Tulsa Children’s Museum Designated Fund
Tulsa Community College Designated Fund
Tulsa County Emergency Children’s Shelter Campaign Fund
Tulsa Educare Designated Fund
Tulsa Educare Enhancement Fund
Tulsa Educare Very Early Childhood Slot Fund
Tulsa Film Collective Fund
Tulsa Girls Art School Project, Inc. Fund
Tulsa Hills Youth Ranch Fund
Tulsa Hispanic Resource Association Fund
Tulsa Hub Fund
Tulsa Latina Business Women’s Alliance Fund
Tulsa Metro Young Life Fund
Tulsa Parks Master Plan Fund
Tulsa Sponsor Group – Civic Priorities Fund
Tulsa Stadium Trust Designated Fund
Tulsa Zoo Governance and Organizational Study Fund
Voices of Oklahoma Fund
Booker T. Washington Memorial Park Fund
Willis Family Giving Fund
Women’s Giving Circle Fund
X Out Exclusion Fund
Robert N. Yaffe Family Fund

Field of Interest Funds

Asia International Fund
Beautification Fund
Building Tulsa, Building Lives Fund
Elliott Project Fund
Martin Family Fund
Million Reasons Why Fund
My Why Story Fund

Scholarship Funds

Cox Charities Education Fund
FCS_PolaroidLauren Crawley Memorial Scholarship Fund
Folds of Honor Foundation Scholarship Fund
Enovation Controls Scholarship Fund
Amos T. Hall Scholarship Fund
Have a Great Day Scholarship Fund
HEAP Scholar Award Fund
Terry Hessong Memorial Scholarship Fund
Tulsa State Fair Junior Livestock Auction and Scholarship Fund
Knowledge is Golden Fund
Kontogianes Family Scholarship Fund
Eddie Ledesma Memorial Scholarship Fund
Lovetts Gallery Artistic Preservation and Enrichment Scholarship Fund
The Panny McElroy Distributor Scholarship Fund
Brie Ashley McKenzie Memorial Scholarship Fund
Murphy Family Scholarship Fund for Teachers
Michelle Shelton Newman Scholarship
OK/Assist Fund
Richie’s Spirit Foundation Scholarship Fund
Senator Bob Dole Honorary Scholar Award Fund
Don and Pam Sherrer Scholarship Fund
Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Epsilon Iota Boule Scholarship Fund
Laura C. Stauffer Scholarship Fund
SouthCrest, LLC Scholarship Fund
Dan Stamper Scholarship Fund
Vinita Public Schools Educational Foundation Goodpaster Trust Fund
Vinita Public Schools Educational Foundation Lucille Martin Scholarship Fund
Cuba Wadlington, Jr. and Michael P. Johnson Scholarship Fund
Bobby R. Walton Scholarship Fund

Charitable Agency Funds

(For links to agency websites, please see our Agency Listing)

12 and 12 Fund
A New Leaf Endowment Fund
AFP Education Fund
Alcott Elementary School Discretionary Fund
Alzheimer’s Association Fund
American Red Cross – Tulsa Endowment Fund
Animal Rescue and Kare Fund
Ann Patterson Dooley Family Safety Center Fund
Arms Around BA Endowment Fund
Arthritis Foundation, South Central Region Investment Fund
Arts and Humanities Council Endowment Fund
Asian American Community Service Fund
Associated Centers for Therapy Endowment Fund
Bartlesville Civitan Accessible Park Fund
Battiest School and Community Fund
Behavioral Services, Inc. Endowment Fund
Bethel High School James Yeisley Scholarship Reserve Fund
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma Fund
Brady Heights Neighborhood Association Endowment Fund
Bridges Foundation Fund
Broken Arrow Neighbors Endowment Fund
LIFE_PolaroidBroken Arrow Planned Giving Fund
Broken Bow Education Fund
Brush Creek Youth Ranch, Teen Challenge of Oklahoma Fund
BSA Troop 153 Foundation Fund
Camp Fire USA Green Country Council, Inc. Fund
CASA for Children Fund
The Center Endowment Fund
Cherokee National Historical Society, Inc. Fund
Child Abuse Network Endowment Fund
Child Care Resource Center Fund
The Children’s Center Foundation Fund
Children’s Medical Charities Endowment Fund
Circle Cinema Foundation Fund
Clarehouse Building Fund
Clarehouse Fund
Cleveland Middle School Discretionary Fund
Community Action Project Children’s Fund
Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma Endowment Fund
Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma Operating Fund
Community Health Foundation Fund
Community Service Council of Greater Tulsa, Inc. Fund Endowment Fund
Consumer Credit Counseling Services Fund
Cookson Hills Christian Ministry Fund
Grace K. Cousins Scholarship Fund
CREOKS Behavioral Health Services Fund
Crime Commission Fund
Crossroads Fund
DaySpring Villa Fund
Dillon International, Inc. Fund
Domestic Violence Intervention Services Fund
The DREAM Institute Academic Assistance Fund
DREAM Institute Endowment Fund
The Dream Institute Fundraising Fund
E.O.D.D.S. Endowment Fund
E.T. Dunlap Foundation Fund
Eagle Point Christian Academy Fund
Eisenhower International School Culture Boxes Fund
Emergency Infant Services Endowment Fund
Family and Children’s Service Program Fund
Family Care Services Endowment Fund
Family Safety Center Fund
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Endowment Fund
FHC Fund
Fitting Back In Fund
Folds of Honor Foundation Reserve Fund
Jeffrey A. Folz Memorial Endowmnt Scholarship Fund
Foundation for Tulsa Schools Endowment Fund
Friends of Beaver Bend Fund
Friends of Starlight Concerts Fund
Gay and Lesbian Fund for Tulsa
Girl Scouts Magic Empire Council Endowment Fund
Global Gardens Fund
Good Samaritan Health Services Endowment Fund
Goodwill Industries of Tulsa Fund
Greeley Elementary School Discretionary Fund
Guild of Tulsa Opera Endowment Fund
Habitat for Humanity Endowment Fund
Happy Hands Education Fund
Hawthorne Elementary School Discretionary Fund
Center_PolaroidDr. Mark A. Hayes Faculty Development Fund
Henryetta Historical Society Fund
Heritage Family Services Endowment Fund
Homelife Association Endowment Fund
Hospice of Green Country, Inc. Fund
Hospitality House of Tulsa Fund
Sam Houston Elementary School Discretionary Fund
Margaret Hudson Building Endowment Fund
Margaret Hudson Operating Endowment Fund
Hujsak Engineering Scholarship Endowment Fund
Human Skills and Resources Fund
Humane Society of Tulsa Fund
Idabel Academic Fund
Idabel Chamber Fund
Idabel Kiwanis Club Fund
Idabel Lions Club Scholarship Fund
Idabel Rotary Fund
Indian Health Care Resource Center of Tulsa Fund
Indian Nations Council Fund
Mark Iola Scholarship Fund
Iron Gate at Trinity Fund
John 3:16 Mission, Inc., Endowment Fund
John 3:16 Mission, Inc., Operating Fund
Junior Achievement of Oklahoma Fund
Junior League of Tulsa Maintenance Endowment Fund
Betty Kaiser Library Literacy Fund
Kendall Whittier, Inc. Bob Coleman Family Summer Camp Fund
Kendall Whittier, Inc. Endowment Fund
Kendall Whittier, Inc. Youth Endowment Fund
Kendall-Whittier Elementary School Reserve Fund
Key to Hope Endowment Fund
Key to Hope Owen Trust Fund
Kilmer Engineering Scholarship Endowment Fund
Kiwanis Club of Tulsa Southeast Fund
Leadership Tulsa Fund
League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Tulsa Fund
Lee Elementary School Foundation Fund
Legal Aid Services Oklahoma Fund
LIFE Senior Services Fund
Little Light House Endowment Fund
Lollipops and Rainbows Endowment Fund
M.S.N.I. Fund
Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oklahoma Fund
McClure Elementary School Enrichment Fund
McCurtain County Boys and Girls Club Fund
McKinley Elementary School Enrichment Fund
McKinley Elementary Strings Program Fund
Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa Endowment Fund
Mental Health Association in Tulsa, Inc. Fund
Metro Christian Academy Foundation Fund
Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art Challenge Fund
Muskogee Nonprofit Resource Center Fund
National Indian Monument and Institute Fund
National Wrestling Hall of Fame Endowment Fund
Neighbor for Neighbor Fund
Neighbors Along the Line Endowment Fund
Neuro-Science Research Foundation Reserve Fund
Neuro-Science Research Foundation, Inc., Fund
New Life Ranch Hope Endowment Fund
Nowata Educational Endowment Foundation Fund
Oaks Indian Mission for Children Fund
Oasis Adult Day Services Endowment Fund
OCCJ Different and the Same Endowment Fund
OkEq Capital Campaign Fund
Oklahoma Aquarium Foundation Fund
Oklahoma Blood Institute Endowment Fund
Oklahoma Brain Tumor Foundation Fund
Oklahoma Caring Foundation Fund
Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits Fund
Oklahoma Christian Universtiy Fund
Oklahoma Health Equity Initiative Fund
Oklahoma Humanities Council Endowment Fund
Oklahoma Partnership for School Readiness Foundation, Inc. Endowment Fund
Oklahomans for Equality Fund
Okmulgee County Family Resource Center Endowment Fund
Operation Aware of Oklahoma, Inc. Endowment Fund
Oxley Nature Center Endowment Fund
Panhandle Legal Aid Reserve Fund
The Parent Child Center of Tulsa Fund
PASS Endowment Fund
Pathways Adult Learning Center Fund
Pawhuska Community Foundation Fund
Pawhuska Community Foundation Operating Fund
Planned Parenthood Endowment Fund
RARC Endowment Fund
Rebuilding Together Tulsa Endowment Fund
Remington Elementary School Enrichment Fund
Remington Elementary School Environmental Learning Fund
Resonance Listening and Growth Fund
Restore Hope Ministries Endowment Fund
RISE Endowment Fund
Riverfield Endowment Fund
Riverfield Rocks Fund
Robert S. Rizley Opera Education Endowment Fund
Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library Fund
ROCMND Area Youth Services Endowment Fund
Rogers County Volunteers for Youth Endowment Fund
Rogers County Youth Services Endowment Fund
Rotary Club of Bixby Fund
RSVP of Tulsa Endowment Fund
Salvation Army Endowment Fund
Simon Estes Educational Fund
South Grand Lake Meals on Wheels Endowment Fund
Southern Hills Baptist Church Memorial Foundation Fund
Special Olympics Oklahoma Fund
Stand In The Gap Endowment Fund
Street School Endowment Fund
TARC Endowment Fund
TESCOT Endowment Fund
Theater Arts Productions Endowment Fund
Therapetics Service Dogs of Oklahoma Fund
Tom Action Fund
Town and Country School, Inc., Fund
Tri-County CASA Fund
Trinity Villa Capital Fund
Tristesse Healing Hearts Grief Endowment Fund
Tulsa Air and Space Center Endowment Fund
Tulsa Area United Way – Bailey Endowment Fund
Tulsa Area United Way Endowment Fund
Tulsa Area Youth Symphony Endowment Fund
Tulsa Autism Foundation Long-Term Reserve Fund
Tulsa Ballet Endowment Fund
Tulsa Botanic Garden Fund
Tulsa Boys’ Home Endowment II Fund
Tulsa C.A.S.A. Fund
Tulsa Cerebral Palsy Endowment Fund
Tulsa Children’s Museum Reserve Fund
Tulsa Community College Foundation Endowment Fund
Tulsa County Medical Society Community Development Endowment Fund
Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless Capital Needs Reserve Fund
Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless Endowment Fund
Tulsa Dream Center Fund
Tulsa Engineering Foundation Endowment Fund
Tulsa Geological Society Foundation Fund
Tulsa Global Alliance Endowment Fund
Tulsa Historical Society Fund
Tulsa Jewish Retirement Center Endowment Fund
Tulsa Lawyers for Children Endowment Fund
Tulsa Library Trust: Library Books for Children Fund
Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry Endowment Fund
Tulsa Opera Fund
Tulsa Oratorio Chorus Endowment Fund
Tulsa Partners Endowment Fund
Tulsa Partner’s Millennium Center Fund
Tulsa Police Officers’ Memorial Fund
Tulsa Project Woman Endowment Fund
Tulsa Reaches Out Fund
Tulsa Reaches Out Reserve Fund
Tulsa Repertory Theatre Endowment Fund
Tulsa SPCA Fund
Tulsa State Fair Junior Livestock Auction Fund
Tulsa Zoo Friends Fund
Undercroft Montessori School Endowment Fund
United Christian Giving, A Christ-Centered Fund
University of Tulsa Presidential Scholars Endowment Fund
University of Tulsa University School Endowment Fund
Up With Trees, Inc., Fund
Vian Community Charitable Trust Endowment Fund
Vinita Public Schools Educational Foundation Gatlin/FFA Trust Fund
Vinita Public Schools Educational Foundation General Fund
Visiting Nurse Association Fund
Volunteer Tulsa Fund
Volunteers of America of Oklahoma Endowment Fund
Booker T. Washington High School Foundation Endowment Fund
Western Neighbors Endowment Fund
Wright City Schools Foundation Fund
YMCA of Greater Tulsa Endowment Fund
Youth at Heart Fund
Youth Services of Tulsa Endowment Fund
YWCA of Tulsa Endowment Fund
YWCA of Tulsa North Endowment Fund

Supporting Organizations

BOKF Foundation
Brock Family Charitable Foundation
Hale Family Foundation
George B. Kaiser Foundation
George Kaiser Family Foundation
Morningside Health Care Foundation
QuikTrip Community Foundation
Charles R. and Karen P. Stephenson Foundation
Tulsa Beautification Foundation
Tulsa Educare, Inc.

Disaster Relief & Emergency Assistance Funds

BamaAid Emergency Assistance Fund
BamaBuilds Emergency Assistance Fund
Larry W. Brummett Foundation Fund
CITGO Disaster Relief Fund
Cox Cares Employee Relief Fund
Enovation Controls Employee Emergency Assistance Fund
Kaiser-Frances Oil Company Employee Assistance Fund
Little Giants Foundation Fund
Lorie Lord Breast Cancer Foundation Fund
QuikTrip Cares Employee Disaster Relief Fund
Saint Francis Employee Emergency Fund
Samson Employee Emergency Assistance Fund
TCC Employee Assistance and Disaster Relief Program Fund
Tulsa Educare Benevolence Fund
Turner Roofing Employee Assistance Fund
Williams Disaster Relief Fund
T.D. Williamson Life TAPP Fund