Regional Affiliates

Bench_VerticalAffiliation is the process through which a community or group of individuals become assoicated with (and a legal part of) Tulsa Community Foundation (TCF).  Affiliating with TCF allows community leaders to streamline operations, while providing increased opportunities to develop and grow a solid base of philanthropic support.  Affiliation with TCF is a simple process.  Affiliates sign an agreement with TCF which names a fund advisory committee, outlines services to be provided by TCF and sets fees paid by the affiliate/funds.  Once the affiliation is established, TCF staff work with the affiliate committee to design activities to help the affiliate in creating funds and increasing resources in its community.

Affiliating with TCF offers a community several distinct benefits:

Nonprofit Status

Affiliation with TCF gives the community instant access to all the privileges of a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation.  Affiliated funds operate under TCF’s tax-exempt umbrella, allowing donors to take the maximum allowable tax deduction available.  If an affiliate organization already has its own 501(c)(3) status, affiliating does away with the organizations’ need to maintain the separate 501(c)(3) designation, including the imporantce of the organization independently meeting the public support test and filing an annual IRS Form 990.

Local Governance and Identity

An affiliate group does not lose its own identity by working with TCF.  Correspondence, including donor tax receipts prepared by TCF, can still prominently identify the affiliate, including use of the affiliate’s logo or letterhead.  In addition, a locally-selected fund advisory committee advises on all matters relating to all funds created at TCF through affiliation.

Financial and Administrative Services

TCF maintains sole responsibility for financial and administrative services, including, recording and receipting contributions, conducting due diligence on recommended grant recipients, managing donor records, managing cash and investments, obtaining an annual financial audit, perparing and filing the IRS Form 990 and issuing fund financial reports to the local affiliate committee, as desired.  Individuals, corporations, nonprofit agencies and other interested parties can contribute assets directly to affiliate funds held at TCF.  TCF staff members work with donors to create fund agreements and terms and oversee all fund activities.

Marketing, Communications and Website Access

TCF makes marketing materials available to affiliates at cost.  In addition, TCF maintains an extensive website with information for affiliates, potential donors and financial planners.  Online giving (through TCF’s website) is also available as requested.

Training and Technical Assistance

TCF staff have expertise in community development, strategic planning, organizational development, planned fiving and development of public-private partnerships.  TCF staff are available to assist affiliates in strategic planning and effective fundraising.

Gift Planning Assistance

TCF regularly works with attorneys, CPAs, insurance agents, financial planners, bankers and brokers to ensure donors/clients achieve their family, financil and philanthropic goals.  TCF’s planned giving professional directly assists charities establish and grow internal planned giving programs through seminars, workshops and marketing materials.

Low Fee Structure

TCF’s fees are among the lowest (and often the absolute lowest) in the community foundation field.  Affiliates’ fees are equal to what donors or charitable organizations would pay if working with TCF directly.  Special services available only to affiliates may require additional reasonable fees.  Learn more about TCF fees.



Current TCF Affiliates

  • McCurtain County Community Fund
  • Pawhuska Community Foundation
  • Greater Sperry Community Council