Information for Professional Advisors

Tulsa Community Foundation (TCF) recognizes the importance of solid legal and financial counsel.  For this reason, TCF welcomes donors to include their trusted professional advisors when opening a fund.  Though the foundation offers all services necessary to maintain a fund, it does not intend to replace a trusted professional advisor.  Instead, TCF partners with advisors, aiming to strengthen the bond between donors and advisors by providing highly effective approaches to charitable giving.  These approaches include:


TCF understands that no two donors are alike.  Donors come with diverse philanthropic goals, ranging from capital campaigns to simple advised funds.  Equally diverse are the types of assets used to open funds.  No matter how routine or complex the situation, Tulsa Community Foundation partners with professional advisors to create an individualized plan for giving for each donor.  When requested, the foundation also works to integrate established estate and financial plans into donor advised funds or charitable endowment funds.


Further underscoring a commitment to personalization, TCF accommodates donors in their desire for involvement. Donors may choose to remain anonymous or to receive acknowledgment.  Donors also define their level of involvement; they may closely attend to their fund and its work in the community, or allow the foundation to manage the fund with little donor involvement.


TCF functions as a “one-stop shop” offering simple, effective solutions for donors and advisors.  Our services include professional preparation of documents, financial reporting, distribution and receipting, and all other administrative tasks required of a fund.  Through the foundation, donors and advisors may set up a fund and receive immediate tax benefits in a single day.


As a public charity, TCF offers the highest level of tax benefits for charitable giving.  Thus, any asset invested with the foundation immediately receives maximum tax benefits as allowed by law.