CITGO Stands Together Fund

The CITGO Stands Together Fund is designed to provide short-term assistance of up to $500 to employees experiencing severe financial need due to home catastrophes or natural disasters. Eligibility begins the first day of employment as an employee of CITGO. Eligible applicants may receive a maximum of one grant per disaster event per calendar year. If you have other resources to meet your needs, you are likely not eligible for this crisis program.

The CITGO Stands Together Fund is administered by the Tulsa Community Foundation, an independent organization specializing in assisting corporations in creating emergency assistance and disaster relief funds for employees. Applications are confidential and identifying details are never shared with CITGO.



In the event of a home catastrophe/natural disaster that causes a severe financial hardship, eligible CITGO employees may apply for up to $500 in assistance with the following qualifications (Please remember that not all emergencies will warrant the maximum assistance):

  • Home Catastrophe/Natural Disaster 
    Assistance after a natural or localized disaster has destroyed the employee’s personal residence, rendered it unlivable or it is otherwise in need of costly repairs, in excess of insurance, after the disaster (hurricane, fire, flood, tornado, mudslide, etc.). Amount of Grant: Up to $500

Documentation will be requested from each applicant.  Additional information and examples are available here

This charitable program is intended to be used only after all other resources are exhausted.  Examples of help that can be provided to those eligible include the following:

  • Emergency living arrangements for evacuation (i.e. reimbursement for a hotel)
  • Gift card or other financial assistance to meet basic needs during displacement (i.e. fuel, food, clothing while evacuated)
  • Home repairs (i.e. helping with costs that insurance will not cover)
  • Help paying for normal household bills if the disaster causes a large loss of income in the household (i.e. rent/mortgage, utilities, vehicle payment).

Applying for Help

Detailed instructions to apply for assistance are included in the online application form.


Please submit the online form, then contact Tulsa Community Foundation with any questions:


Note: To comply with IRS conditions, program guidelines restrict assistance to employees experiencing severe financial need due to specific unexpected, unavoidable emergencies which can be documented. While all emergencies and financial hardships are unfortunate, incidents outside of program guidelines cannot be approved.

Employees should use available resources such as PTO, personal savings, assistance from family members, etc. before applying for assistance.  If ineligible, TCF can refer applicants to other resources in their community.

Upon approval, grant recipients are typically mailed a check made payable to the vendor requesting payment (i.e. landlord, utility company, contractor, etc.). We understand that each situation is unique so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


For additional information, please contact
Phone: 918-591-2427
Fax: 918-856-3537

Donate for Others

Grants from the CITGO Stands Together Fund are funded solely by donations. Every dollar amount will make a difference in the life of one of your fellow employees.


All contributions are tax-deductible up to the amount allowed by law.