John Hope Franklin-ONEOK & Epsilon Iota Boule-Dr. Preston J. Phillips
Scholarship Programs

The mission of these scholarship programs is to enhance the educational opportunities through scholarship and mentorship, for racial and ethnic minority high school students from the Greater Tulsa Area seeking to attend institutions of higher learning. A particular emphasis will be placed on the cultivation, of the yet to be fully realized potential of the racial and ethnic minority student. We seek to honor the achievements of the scholars in our communities.

Specifically, the Epsilon Iota Boule-Dr. Preston J. Phillips Scholarship is to honor the legacy of Dr. Preston J. Phillips and is intended to reach out to those individuals that are “late bloomers”, but are yet on the upward slope of academic discovery. In addition to the scholarship, the recipients may also participate in the Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity’s career mentoring program.  To learn more about the incredible life and legacy of Dr. Phillips, please click here.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and if awarded, maintain a 3.0 GPA in their respective post-secondary education institution in order to receive the subsequent year’s award.

The following types of scholarships will be awarded:

Franklin & Phillips Scholars
– For scholars attending four-year colleges or universities.
– Scholars selected annually to each be awarded $2,500 per year, renewable for four years.
– One of the scholars will be financed by Epsilon Iota Boule of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity.

Hope Scholars
– For scholars attending Tulsa Community College or two-year institutions.
– Selected annually to each be awarded $1,000 per year, renewable for two years.

Reconciliation Scholars
– For scholars attending vocational schools.
– Scholars selected annually to each be awarded $500 per year, renewable for two years.

Application Instructions: The application will be available online beginning February 12, 2024.  Please click “Apply Now” to begin the application process at this time. You will immediately need to select “Register” to create a profile to complete the application.  Once logged in with your profile, please click “View All Available Scholarships” and then select “2024 Franklin-ONEOK-Boule-Phillips Scholarship” to begin your application process.

  • Additional Application Notes:
    • Applicants should use an email address they will have access to post- graduation.  A personal account as opposed to a school assigned account works best as school accounts are often decommission and the student might need access to their profile in the future.
    • We encourage applicants to visit the “View All Available Scholarships” section over the next few months to learn about other scholarship opportunities offered through Tulsa Community Foundation for which they might be eligible.
    • The application deadline is April 15, 2024.

If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Stasinopoulos, Scholarships Program Coordinator at Tulsa Community Foundation, at